Bowling FAQ

Does everyone in our group need to pay to get in during Xtreme Bowl, even if they aren’t going to bowl?

Yes. Unfortunately, we have had a few take advantage of our not sticking to this rule and they tried to bowl anyway. We don’t want to police who’s bowling and
who’s paid as we want everyone to have fun. To make sure of this, everyone needs to pay.

Do you have any specials?

We sure do! Check out our bowling specials.

Do I have to wear bowling shoes?

Yes, bowling shoes are specially made with soles on the shoes which allow bowlers to slide on the approach when throwing the ball. Shoes are available to rent for $1.50.

What kind of equipment do you have?

We have Brunswick A machines, wood lanes, manual bumpers, and plenty of house bowling balls.

Do you offer private instruction or lessons?

Unfortunately we do not offer this at this time. We are a relatively new center and are working hard to bring our customers as many benefits as we can. It is something we hope to be able to provide in the future. However, all staff are trained in the Bowl It Up program and can help those who really, really struggle.

When do you have open lanes?

We have open lanes every day. Our main league days are on Monday and Wednesday, which will reduce the amount of time we have for open bowling, but we will make every effort to get you on the lanes.

Do you have bumper bowling?

Yes. We had manual bumpers installed during the summer of 2009 for all 10 lanes. Unfortunately, we can not provide the automated bumper system at this time. We also can rent out a mini-ramp, known as a dragon roller, for very young children which helps them knock down more pins.

Do you have a pro shop?

Yes and no. We do not offer a traditional bowling pro shop as we are not qualified to drill bowling balls or suggest what adjustments should be made to your bowling ball. However, we are capable of providing many things one would find in a pro shop. From powder to shoes to bowling balls, we can get anything you could need. We also have deals worked out with other bowling centers who do drill balls so you won’t pay anything additional.

Do you have any information concerning birthday parties?

Yes we do: Youth Bowling Parties, Adult Bowling Parties and Corporate Bowling Parties. Our parties are based on 6 people bowling with an additional cost per person over that amount. Cake and Ice Cream are allowed to be brought in, but must be kept in our party room.

Do you take reservations for lanes?

If your party is over 10 people, we can take reservations for lanes as long as it is not for or during our Xtreme bowl or league bowling times.

Does Thunder Strikes sell gift cards?

Yes we do! Gift cards may be used in any part of our center from food, beverage, to bowling along with the tax for any of these items.

Do you give out discounts if our group has a big order for pizza?

No matter how big your order we can usually do it. If it’s really big, we would like to have advance notice of it to be sure we can provide what you need. Orders of 15 or more will get a free pizza.  We do, however, have pizza cards which earn you a free pizza for every 7 pizza’s you buy.

Can we bring in our own food or drinks?

Sorry, but this is not allowed in our center. We provide drinks and food in case you get hungry or thirsty. We make only one exception for this and that is birthday cake and ice cream for birthday parties booked at our center.